Who We Are:

We are two professionals who have a passion for sharing our success and empowering others. Our “Kaw-Fee and Sugar” Company and our brands bring you exceptional-tasting coffee. We single source all of our coffees and teas and work with Direct Trade Organizations to give back Globally.


All our coffees bring rich, deep and delicious flavors as they are small batch roasted to embody a boldness and make them a favorite in the Specialty Coffee Markets. We started small with our brands which have taken off thanks to our friends, family and colleagues who believe in what we are doing.


We work hard, and also know how to have fun. It is our feeling that our coffees embody many good things in life and will be a wonderful addition to yours.


We are so excited to share our brands with you!


Our Story:

As every good fairy tale begins, so does ours… Once upon a time two successful professionals-Kimball, an Entertainment Executive Producer and Greg, a Medical Industry Executive came up with an idea to create a company that would reflect their values and give back to The World and organizations they believe in. They wanted more “What if?” and less chaos in their daily corporate worlds. It was time to shoot for the stars!


They picked a business line that they were passionate about, the second most consumed beverage Worldwide: Coffee. Not just any coffee, but coffee that is single-sourced, small batch roasted and procured with Direct Trade.


We offer our brands online and also in several retail outlets. Our business model entails working with other small businesses that have a similar culture of giving back to their communities and sharing their Crafts as we do.


We are not the coffee your momma buys off the grocery store shelves that are mass produced…We put a great deal of love, technology and science into our coffees, packaging and customer service. Our Craft Coffees, Teas and Sweets are waiting for you…

Our Friends:

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Gift Items
Single Sourced Coffees
Single Sourced Coffees
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